Northstar Insulating will help you live more comfortably in any condition.

It’s true that insulation saves you money on heating and air conditioning, but the value of good insulation is about far more than the dollars and cents. Quality insulation ensures that you can come home to comfort, no matter the season. Northstar specializes in the most advanced spray foam insulation system in the market — the Icynene® spray foam insulation and air barrier material.

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We provide quality, holistic services to the buildings we insulate.

Our team of is familiar with all aspects of building construction, from residential to industrial work. Since 2003, we’ve worked closely with our clients to provide quality insulation that lasts a lifetime.



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Over the last ten years, we’ve insulated hundreds of Northland homes and businesses.


Northstar officially welcomes Tim Wicklund to the team!

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What You Really Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality

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