Cut Your Costs

Northstar Insulating is committed to providing the top solution at the best possible price. We work with you to ensure you’re getting every possible value added on your project. 

Higher Market Value

A well-insulated home often gains a higher market value and at least a break-even return on investment at time of sale.

Financing Options

We offer an easier way to pay for your the work on your home with monthly payments, over a longer period of time.

Heating & Cooling

When we insulate homes, most homeowners see a significant drop in their heating and cooling bills(and their discomfort).

A poorly insulated home may actually be taking bills out of your pocket

Start saving energy money heat

A Rewarding

For most projects, upgrading under-insulated spaces is well worth the upfront cost. Improvements to the overall seal and R-value will pay off not only in reduced energy bills and increased home value— but can also minimize your carbon footprint. Let us evaluate your home and create a plan that can save you money and ensure your comfort in any conditions.

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