5 Reasons Why You Should Insulate in the Fall

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Fall is finally here and the heat of the summer is mostly behind us. Is your home ready to combat the cold winters of northern Minnesota? The fall isn’t too late to start equipping your house for the arctic season ahead. In fact, it’s a great time to insulate for a variety of reasons. If you need more convincing than just our word, keep reading!

1. Fight those pesky drafts

In addition to leaving you and your home feeling uncomfortable, drafts can cause your furnace to overwork itself. Not only is that hard on the heating system, but you’ll be spending a fortune paying for the energy it will require to keep up with the freezing temperatures. Insulation will help ensure that the space between windows, walls, and vents are properly secured, keeping you nice and toasty throughout the long icy season. 

2. Avoid freezing pipes

If your pipes have ever frozen in the past, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. One main reason this happens is due to the plumbing in your home not being properly insulated. By taking the time to insulate before the freezing temperatures set in, you’ll be able to keep your pipes safe a defrosted all throughout the long winter months.

3. Save money 

As we stated earlier, drafts and leaky walls will cause your furnace to overwork trying to maintain the internal temperature of your home. In addition to that, though, a properly insulated home will be able to keep the heat trapped inside more efficiently. This will lead you to using your furnace even less and allowing you to take a large chunk out of your energy bill. 

4. Better working conditions

Fall brings much milder conditions than summer. Not only will you not be dying of heat while workers tear apart the walls of your house, but the air will be drier, too. Moisture leads to mold and depending on the type of insulation you have installed, it will grow the harmful bacteria if moisture gets trapped in between the walls with it. Fall months are perfect for avoiding this issue. 

5. Get ahead of the holidays

Wintertime beckons people to invite others to their home for warm parties, cozy get togethers, and holiday events. And a lot of those same people want to make sure their homes are ready for hosting. By doing insulation work in the fall, you’re ensuring that your home is ready before the holiday season sets in and other people in the area are frantically trying to get to theirs. 

If you’re ready to get to work on your home this fall, it’s time to contact NorthStar Insulating!