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5 Signs that Your Home is not Properly Insulated

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When you first move into a home there are a lot of projects that pop up. After you’ve lived in your home for a while, you might be used to the squeaky bottom step on your stairs, or the way the windows shut. When your home isn’t properly insulated, there are things that you might think are “quirky” that are actually costing you a lot of money each year.

Your home may not be properly insulated if you have:

  1. Critters:  Mice and bugs can get into your home when there are gaps in the home. Insulation can help keep the pests out! 
  2. Ice dams: Icicles on your house might look festive, but they are actually a build up of ice, called ice dams. Heat loss from a house, snow cover, and outside temperatures interact to form ice dams. When an ice dam forms, it’s a sign that your home isn’t properly insulated. A particular downside of ice dams is that the water may find cracks and openings in the roof and flow into attic spaces. 
  3. Entire home fluctuations: When the temperature of your entire home drastically changes, it’s a sign that your insulation isn’t working the way it should be. Insulation works to keep your house at one steady temperature. These fluctuations can be really noticeable and cause discomfort during changing seasons.  
  4. Room Temperatures Vary: If you notice that different rooms in your home have different temperatures, your insulation is not keeping the warm air equally distributed in your home. Varying room temperatures are also an indication of air leeks. 
  5. Higher Energy Bills: Many houses on the north shore don’t have air conditioning. During the winter the higher energy bills can feel drastic. If you notice that your heating bill changes with the temperature, even though you keep your house at the same temperature, it’s a sign that your home isn’t properly insulated. 

When your home has air leaks fixed and insulation properly installed, these benefits will be immediately evident in your home. Contact Northstar Insulating at 218-524-4637 to see how your home can be improved with new insulation.