Red house covered with snow and icicles in a cold winter landscape

Approaching Winter

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The heat that you pay for during the winter doesn’t just stay inside your home. When you’re home isn’t properly insulated, the warm air spills out windows, doors, floors, and even electrical sockets. 

Even if you don’t feel air seeping through the window cracks, buildings can still be drafty causing your heat to escape. At Northstar Insulating, we ensure that your home is comfortable in any conditions. 

There are 4 things that you can do to ensure that your home will be comfortable this winter, before the temperature outside really begins to plunge. 

High Heating Costs

Most energy providers have dashboards that allow you to track your energy bill over time. If you’re able to, comparing your costs to other homes in the area may show you if your heating costs are exorbitantly high. Also, If you notice that there are fluctuations in your energy costs that are different from previous seasons, it can be a sign that your home is poorly insulated. 

Fluctuating Temperatures

Your home should have consistent temperatures as you move around the rooms. If you need to keep blankets and extra socks in rooms specifically because of the temperature, it’s likely that your home isn’t properly insulated. When insulation doesn’t keep heat contained, it will leak out of your home and result in fluctuating temperatures. 

Water Leaks & Ice Dams

When a home is poorly insulated, water has an easier way into the structure. When water leaks into your home, it can cause costly problems as well as mold issues. Poor insulation might be part of the culprit if your home has water leaks. In addition to the damage that water can cause inside, it can also cause ice dams outside. Ice dams are a result of heat rising and escaping from a poorly insulated home. This melts the snow on the roof, which trickles down towards your gutters. When this happens, large chunks of ice and icicles can form on your roof. 

Test the Walls 

The simplest way to see if your home isn’t properly insulated is to feel the walls as the temperature outside drops. The interior walls of your home should feel warm and dry. If the walls feel damp or cold, it is likely a sign that those walls lack proper insulation. About 35% of the heat can be lost through the walls, and even more so if the walls are not properly insulated. 

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