Benefits of Insulating Your Basement

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If you’re one of the lucky ducks in Duluth, MN, with a usable basement, you may want to consider insulating it. There are several benefits to insulating your basement and problems that you’re probably not thinking about when deciding whether to do it. Whether you want to use spray foam insulation or one of the other options out there, we think it’s something to consider this summer.

Here’s why:

Increasing energy efficiency

Just like it is throughout the rest of your home, a well-insulated basement will help to maintain the temperature of your space. This means reduced heat loss and lower cooling costs. Not only will you be doing the environment a favor, but you’ll also be saving money on inflated power and energy bills.

Enhancing living comfort

Something that’s also easy to neglect (but shouldn’t be) is your comfort in your home. It’s yours. You paid a lot of money for it. You should enjoy spending time there, too. When your space has a hard time regulating temperatures and filtering air, you’ll never quite be able to escape the heat (or the cold), and you’ll put yourself at risk of unwanted allergens, and mold and mildew spores.

Maintaining moisture control

Speaking of mold and mildew, basements are prone to dampness and other moisture-related problems, leading to issues such as excess condensation on basement walls and floors. Not only will it be uncomfortable to sit around in a muggy home, but you’ll likely run the risk of mold and mildew growth. Proper insulation installation will work to maintain adequate moisture levels, resolving both of these issues.

Increasing your home value

Whether you plan on selling your home now or somewhere off in the distant future, investing in basement insulation will enhance your property’s value by:

  • Making it easier for you (or potential buyers) to finish the basement
  • Increasing the square footage of your home, whether that’s a bedroom space or just more living area
  • Adding a selling point—energy efficiency and extra living space are attractive for buyers, potentially increasing your home’s market value

Improving structural integrity

Insulating your basement can also contribute to the longevity and stability of your home by helping to protect the foundation against the free-thaw cycle. It also reduces soil movement by controlling moisture levels. Additionally, insulating with Spray Foam Insulation can help improve the overall structural integrity of your home by adding an extra level of support. Read more about that here.

Working with Northstar Insulating

Insulating your basement is a great investment that offers numerous benefits. Whether you’re looking to save on energy bills, create additional living space, or protect your property from potential damage, basement insulation is a key factor to consider. Contact us to set up a free consultation today!