Blog: 3 Common Myths About Insulation Debunked

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Insulation is one of those things that feels like a big project to fix or redo. It lives within our walls, so we tell ourselves whatever we need to sleep better at night knowing the insulation we have right now is just fine. However, some of those things you may be telling yourself are simply just myths, and living with them could be costing you even more money. 

Myth #1: I only need insulation in the winter

Because winter is finally behind us, you might be thinking that the insulation issues you haven’t wanted to deal with can officially go back to being “out of sight out of mind.” Yet, did you know that insulation isn’t actually just for keeping your home warm in the winter? According to this Energy Saver article, the primary purpose of insulation is to “[provide] resistance to heat flow.” While you may be thinking that means keeping heat from escaping your home in the winter, it also means preventing heat from entering your home in the summer. 

Because insulation is so important for regulating the temperature of your home, having improper insulation means your heating and cooling systems will work overtime, whether it’s winter or summer, and that means more money out of your pocket for your energy and power bills. In addition to cost, it also helps maintain the comfort level inside your home. You were probably uncomfortably freezing all winter—don’t let the summer heat make your home unbearable, too!

Myth #2: Insulation can cause health problems

Another common myth about insulation is that it can cause health problems, and this can be true but only when the product is mishandled, old and no longer up to code, or if a low-quality material is used. Specifically looking at age, old insulation in your home may have been around before we knew the risks and dangers of dangerous chemicals such as asbestos. It’s also possible that your current insulation has been exposed to moisture and is now harboring mold spores and mildew. 

At Northstar Insulating, we use only high-quality materials that are safe for you and your family. In fact, proper insulation can actually improve indoor air quality by reducing the amount of outside air (containing allergens, toxins, etc.) that enters your home. Our team ensures that your insulation is installed properly and up to code, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and healthy.

Myth #3: Insulation doesn’t need to be replaced

Because insulation lives within your walls, you probably don’t think about it too much. When you do, you might even think that it’s probably safe and sound in there. It’s in between your walls, what could happen? Unfortunately, there can be and are a lot of issues with insulation that’s older than 20 years. Common problems include:

  • Degradation
  • Animal damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold and mildew buildup

All of these issues are contributing to potential health issues and improper temperature regulation. By replacing your insulation, you’re ensuring that your power and energy bills aren’t too high, your health isn’t at risk due to poor-quality insulation, and the materials being used are high-quality and 100% up-to-code. 

You don’t have to go another season living uncomfortably in your home or even potentially putting the health of you and your family at risk. Contact us today to talk more about your insulation and schedule a free inspection!