Red house covered with snow and icicles in a cold winter landscape

Ice Dams and Window Plastic: What winter weather reveals about your home insulation

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Every year is the same — as the weather gets colder, you start lining your windows with plastic. It’s become part of your winter routine. No matter that it’s testy, time-consuming work. Once the plastic is up, the problem is solved…right?

Perhaps removing ice dams has also become routine. Around the same time every year, you notice these dams building up around the edges and in corners of your roof.

Ice dams create a barrier that prevents water from properly draining off your roof, and can result in that water leaking into your ceiling and walls, causing a great deal of damage

The ice dams are the problem, or so it would seem. You call a company and have them melt the ice dams using high-pressure water or steam. Or you push all the snow off your roof. Either way, you know that this time next year, those ice dams will inevitably return.

Here’s the ugly truth about both of these solutions: they’re only temporary. They make sense in the short-term, because people naturally react to what they feel. However, if you are committed to a home, it’s in your best interest to deal with the underlying cause of ice dams and cold windows.

All of us at Northstar are passionate about educating homeowners and helping them determining what course of action would be most beneficial for their unique home system. During our free home assessment, we can diagnose issues ranging from ice dams to cold windows to a poorly placed bath fan.

This year, instead of relying on temporary solutions, call Northstar to schedule your free home assessment. We’re happy to help.