Man in protective suit spraying a ceiling with insulating foam

Insulation for Older Homes

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If you have an older home, the attic might be a part of your home that you don’t spend any time thinking about. It’s up there, but you don’t know what’s actually up there. 

While the attic might be a place you ignore going in your home, you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving it some attention when thinking about how to make your home more comfortable. If you are having trouble getting and keeping your home warm, you may have an insulation problem, and insulating your attic could help to solve it. 

Why is insulating the attic so important?

Heat rises as cool air sinks to a low level. Without proper insulation, when it is colder, the heat in your home will rise and escape from the attic. Not only does the warm air escape through the attic, but the cold air from outside will get pulled into your home. This is known as the stack effect. 

If you’re looking to insulate your attic, the first step should always be filling the gaps to make sure that your investment in new insulation will be the most effective. Insulation works to slow down the loss of heat, but it doesn’t stop airflow. As a responsible insulation team it is always our goal to seal your space so that the insulation you purchase will do the work you’ve purchased it for. 

Attics that are already insulated.

Overall, the attic is the biggest factor in heat loss. If your attic isn’t insulated or insulation needs to be replaced, it is the first area of your home to focus on. But there are also other areas of your home that may cause heat loss. Whether it is air sealing or insulation, Northstar Insulating can inspect your home and see what might be the best option to save money and energy in your home.