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What It’s Like to Work with Us

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3 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Their Experience

Everyone knows you can’t choose your family members, but you can choose your friends. When you hire a team for your new project, remember that you have that same choice. Committing to a friendship or a project is a big deal and should be built on trust (not obligation). Making these decisions isn’t just about finding the best deal, or the fastest workers. Our clients continue to come back because our process allows them to see who we really are, and build a relationship where they feel taken care of in every way. In this post, we’ll cover 3 major reasons that our clients love to work with Northstar Insulation.

1. Transparency & Clarity

Every building is a unique ecosystem, and requires a team that can evaluate options, recommend solutions, and consider every detail. When our team commits to your project, we not only consider the implications of every option, but want to take the time to communicate the process to you. Having us insulate your building will change the environment, perhaps even changing the way you care for it. We can promise that you will always be apprised of what we are doing, why it matters, and what it will cost. 

Working with the Northstar team will ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget. We also lean on our character and credentials to advertise these traits in us even before you receive a quote for a project. As proud members of Carpenters Local 361 Union, the National Association of Home Builders, and the Builders Association of Minnesota, we encourage you to give us the responsibility of finding the best way to realize your dream.

2. Innovation Drives Us to the Best Solution

The value of our insulation systems is not just in the cash that stays in your pocket. Working with us, you align yourself with the latest innovation in the building industry. Northstar specializes in the most advanced spray foam insulation system currently on the market — the Icynene® spray foam insulation and air barrier. All the products we use are the top of the line and are depended on in the most cutting edge building processes. 

After working as a general contractor, Dave Mesojedec (owner) started using spray foam to insulate his client’s homes. Over the course of three years, working with the new technology boosted Dave into new territory, and he started Northstar Insulation. It’s that pursuit of the best solution, as our lifeblood, that keeps our team at the very top. We believe that using quality and innovative technology and materials ensures that you’ll experience comfort in every condition.

3. We Care About the Holistic Health of Your Home

It is tempting to think of your home in terms of the rooms you live in or the materials you see decorating the walls. After all, that’s what we can see and what really embodies how we live in it. Comfort and longevity, however, are not achieved by focusing on individual details. Your building will love you and work for you when all its parts work in harmony and support one another. We are committed to that holistic attitude in the buildings we insulate.

Our holistic take on the insulation process means that we not only install high quality insulation products, but we also make sure it can do what it’s created to do. A product with high R-value may not actually insulate your building at all if your home lacks an air seal. During the initial assessment of a project, we bring out everything in the arsenal to track leaks and weak spots where your insulation system loses air. Between blower-door testing and infrared cameras, our team can locate the spaces on your roof, windows, and doors that are sabotaging your air seal.

Additionally, our team is familiar with all aspects of building construction, from residential to industrial work. Our experience enables us to walk into a project that is much larger than simply re-insulating an existing building. We can work around and alongside other contractors to protect the integrity of your project and provide a seamless end product that will last for years to come.

Working with a new team to complete your project can be a daunting decision.When the highest quality products are installed mindfully,- you can count on comfort in every condition. We want you to be well informed on our process so that you can feel comfortable and confident to insulate with the Northstar Team. When you’re ready to begin your next project, give us a call. We’ll schedule an assessment of your current insulation and air seal.