Weather Warming Up – Do These 3 Things to Check Your House

Summer checkup When the summer comes around, that means it’s a great time of year to start looking over your home and checking for any effects of poor insulation. Here’s a simple list of the things that you could be looking for in your own house. Exterior – Make sure that your gutters are clear, […]

What You Really Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality

Single colorful window in a plain white wall

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that houses are built “too tight” nowadays. Many people have concluded that it’s much better for a house to “breathe.” After all, breath sustains life; and for that reason, it must be good for your home to breathe, too. Contrary to popular belief, your home doesn’t need to breathe. In […]

Ice Dams and Window Plastic: What winter weather reveals about your home insulation

Red house covered with snow and icicles in a cold winter landscape

Every year is the same — as the weather gets colder, you start lining your windows with plastic. It’s become part of your winter routine. No matter that it’s testy, time-consuming work. Once the plastic is up, the problem is solved…right? Perhaps removing ice dams has also become routine. Around the same time every year, […]

Air Sealing vs. R-Value: Which should be your main concern?

Room under construction with exposed insulating foam in the walls and ceiling

Nowadays, consumers seem to know a lot about R-Value, or the thermal resistance of a particular building material. But is R-value really the most important thing to consider when insulating a home or building? When it comes to insulation, R-value is of course a main concern when considering materials — but the problem with focusing […]

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Worker in a construction lift filling a large exterior wall with insulating foam

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